Sep 052012

These features are actively under development, and we hope to release most of them in early 2013. Simpler classification of collection types Advanced Search: time/date, people My MediaHub: bookmarking, commenting, tagging; explore group-working feature Planned for 2013, but yet to […]

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Dec 122011

Explore by Learning Materials: Reviews Help: Interactive Guided Tour Full Record Page: Additional new metadata; improved display Brief Records Page: Improved Display more information…

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Aug 022011

Advanced Search: title/description, subject, media type, collection and collection type indexes Most Popular: Items, searches My MediaHub: search history, recently viewed items, marked items Sharing and social networking via external services such as Twitter Machine-to-machine interface: SRU

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Apr 262011

Search, including: Stem-searching; Filter by: media type; collection type; collection name; subject; date; Relevance ranking; Sort order of search results; Number-per-page option of search results Useful Links Contribute Feedback About Terms of Service FAQ Exposure to search engines Video streaming […]

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