Dec 132011

As part of the ongoing development of JISC MediaHub, we have added some new features.

  • The help/support section now has an Interactive Guided Tour.
  • The new Explore by Learning Materials section currently includes Reviews, and we plan to extend it to cover case studies, trails and any entirely new materials we may wish to include in future.
  • The Full Record page has been upgraded. It now displays additional metadata, in particular the fields relating to newsfilm for the ITN collections that were in NewsFilm Online.
    Records with geographic information show the locations plotted on a map.
    Another useful improvement is that the frame-grabs now include timings, so you can see where the frame is within the video.
  • The Brief Records page has also been improved. The “mark record” and “quick view” functions are now icons beneath each thumbnail image, which corrects difficulties selecting the correct link in some browsers, as well as being a visual improvement. Certain page navigation links have also been restyled for greater consistency.
  • Notifications (eg, confirmation of new preferences) have been improved. Rather than a pop-up box in the screen centre, which interrupts your work until you close it, there are now more subtle boxes towards the bottom right. These are less intrusive, and and will clear automatically when you carry on working.

The JISC MediaHub team.

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