Oct 042011

As part of the ongoing development of JISC MediaHub, we have added some new features.

Personal preferences in My MediaHub

MediaHub has options for searching and displaying records.  You may prefer searches to be restricted to a particular media type, such as video only, or you may like to see only the records “inside MediaHub”;  when the records are displayed, you may prefer too see more (or fewer) on each page.

These options are now all available in My MediaHub.    We intend to add more options soon.

Combine and re-run previous searches in My MediaHub

The Search History section of My MediaHub lists the searches you have run, and allows you to re-run them.  Now you can also combine them.   For example, if you have already run a search for equine, and another for horse, you can now combine these to search for equine OR horse (which will give you the sum two previous searches), or alternatively for equine AND horse (which will give you the intersection of the previous two, i.e. just the records that occur in both of them).

This feature comes into its own when you have several complex searches, each of which has many search terms.

“Show all” similar and recently viewed items

Full records in MediaHub (the page which displays all the information about a record) include a list of the top five similar items, which can help you to find other records that cover related topics.   Now this list includes a show all link that will display all similar items that can be found in MediaHub.

The five records you have most recently viewed are also listed on the full record page.   This can be helpful if you are searching and browsing, and wish to return to something you were looking at a minute ago (without having to re-run a search and maybe page through lots of results to find it again).     This list also now has a show all link, which takes you to the full list of recently viewed records in My MediaHub.

Searches now match any one or more words

MediaHub will now include a record in your results if it matches any one or more words that you enter, rather than including only the records that match all of the words (in technical terms, we are now applying the Boolean operator OR instead of AND).

We have made this change because we think it matches our users’ expectations.    For example, if someone is interested in animal health, they may enter a search like veterinary animal medicine, since each of those words is relevant, and some useful records will be catalogued under  veterinary  medicine whilst others are under animal medicine.

This strategy is sensible, and works well in most search engines, but until now it would have given a poor result in MediaHub, which would have displayed only records that had all of the words.   A record catalogued as veterinary medicine would have been excluded in the results, because MediaHub required the word animal as well.

Now, MediaHub will return any record that contains veterinary, or animal, or medicine.

This means that result sets can be much larger, but MediaHub sorts records according to relevance, so records that match all (or most) of the words you type will appear first.    For expert users, total control of the operators used is possible on the Advanced Search page.

Help guides

Two help guides have been added:  MediaHub Essentials is a two-page reference to the most important features, and MediaHub Help which is a full guide to the service.   These are PDF files, suitable for printing as well as reading online.

These can be found using the Help link in the menu bar, or in the Support section if you are browsing the About pages.

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