Aug 032011

Following the development period over the last few months, we are pleased to announce the full release of JISC MediaHub. Features previously unavailable in the interface have now been enabled including Advanced Search, Most Popular and My MediaHub. The full record page has also been enhanced. Other features will be added over the coming months, the Roadmap detailing these has been updated.

We are also working on help pages and guides which will be added to the interface shortly.


Basic access to JISC MediaHub is free and open, including, for NewsFilm
Online subscribers, access to that content too.

Full access, ie to all the hosted as well as external collections,
requires subscription to the JISC eCollections service. For those
institutions who have not yet subscribed, details are available at

The Education Image Gallery and Film & Sound Online services have now been retired. Their service pages have been updated and include an explanatory message and link to JISC MediaHub. Deep links to individual records will still work and redirect to the same content via JISC MediaHub.

For service continuity the z39.50 targets to those databases are still
available for those institutions with ongoing access to the content.

The NewsFilm Online z-target is also still being offered, as is the user
interface at, although all NewsFilm Online content is also available through JISC MediaHub.

There is an SRU interface for JISC MediaHub, details of which are available on request.

We are still keen to receive feedback on JISC MediaHub via the links within the interface or directly to us at

Additionally, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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