Aug 032011

The following is a summary of the active and continuous development of Jisc MediaHub.  We’ll do our best to update this roadmap as our engineers continue their work. Things in grey haven’t been implemented yet; things in black are live on the website.

Already released

  • Search, including: Stem-searching; Filter by: media type; collection type; collection name; subject; date; Relevance ranking; Sort order of search results; Number-per-page option of search results
  • Useful Links
  • Contribute
  • Feedback
  • About
  • Terms of Service
  • FAQ
  • Exposure to search engines
  • Video streaming and download


  • Explore by Subject
  • Explore by Collection
  • Explore by Time


  • Advanced Search: title/description, subject, media type, collection and collection type indexes
  • Most Popular: Items, searches
  • My MediaHub: search history, recently viewed items, marked items
  • Sharing and social networking via external services such as Twitter
  • Machine-to-machine interface: SRU


  • Personal preferences in My MediaHub
  • Combine and re-run previous searches in My MediaHub
  • “Show all” similar and recently viewed items
  • Searches now match any one or more words
  • Help guides


  • Explore by Learning Materials: Reviews
  • Help: Interactive Guided Tour
  • Full Record Page: Additional new metadata; improved display
  • Brief Records Page: Improved Display


  • Explore Newsfilm


  • Explore by Place
  • A widget to embed a MediaHub search into your website


  • Simpler classification of collection types
  • Advanced Search: time/date, people
  • My MediaHub: bookmarking, commenting, tagging

Planned for 2014

  • Release of mobile app
  • Advanced Search: Place
  • My MediaHub: explore group-working feature
  • Support inclusion of user-contributed content
  • Support for crowd-sourcing metadata
  • New usage reports for site representatives
  • Provision of COUNTER multimedia report
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  2 Responses to “Development Roadmap”

  1. […] We then moved onto the live demo which included accessing, searching, filtering, bookmarking, sharing, As with most products the platform and content are developing all of the time. This is communicated through their blog. […]

  2. Louise, thank you for blogging about the webinar!

    Others reading this might be interested to know that we regularly run webinars on how to use and get the most from JISC MediaHub, these are usually advertised on the EDINA training and events page where you will also find contact details for our training officer, Vivienne Carr who can be contacted with questions or requests for training sessions:

    – Nicola Osborne, JISC MediaHub team.

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