Apr 262011

Following a successful preview period, EDINA is pleased to announce the first release of the JISC MediaHub interface to a wider audience at http://jiscmediahub.ac.uk, available via the UK Access Management Federation or direct IP.

Access to the resource has been enabled for all institutions subscribing to Education Image Gallery, Film & Sound Online or NewsFilm Online. In addition, access to each of those individual services continues in parallel via their respective login pages until August.

We would like to thank those who submitted comments during the JISC MediaHub preview phase. We have corrected some bugs as a result and will continue to consider other suggestions for future development. Please submit your comments via the online survey available via the Feedback link on the homepage or the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page.

Licensing arrangements with some collection-owners are still to be concluded, for a few collections both inside and outside JISC MediaHub. We will make these collections available individually as soon as the licensing for each collection is agreed.

Service development will continue incrementally until availability of the full service this August. We will provide progress updates here over the coming months.

As JISC Collections announced in March, [http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/News/NFO-update/ or http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/News/EIG-update/ or http://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/News/FASO-update/] this August JISC MediaHub will become part of a new service, managed by JISC Collections in partnership with EDINA and Mimas, that will consist of three new content platforms (one of which is JISC MediaHub). There will be a service fee to cover all three content platforms, the details of which are available from JISC Collections, www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/jiscecollections.

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  3 Responses to “JISC MediaHub: First release”

  1. Hi there, I am using the interface to try and find content, videos to be precise.

    However although I can filter for a data range and cannot change the order, so if I am trying to find the latest videos on “rioting” for example its impossible as I filter by date, but then there is no way to order the results so I just get content in alphabetical order – is this something that is going to change?

  2. Thanks very much for your interest in JISC MediaHub. Your query has been passed to the EDINA Helpdesk, who will reply to you individually. The reply will also be posted here. To contact the Helpdesk directly, email edina@ed.ac.uk or tel: 0131-650 3302

  3. As I’m sure you’re aware, JISC MediaHub is in a beta phase, and we will be
    adding features through until the end of July. These should help you find items based on the date.

    Features under consideration are:
    o searching based on date, allowing you to retrieve
    records for an exact date, or date range
    o finer control of date filters, allowing you for
    example to filter results from a particular year
    rather than a whole decade
    o a timeline that enables browsing through records
    o a sort function for search results, including
    chronological ordering

    The reason why we do not have more date functionality in the first release is that dates are a complex issue and we have to tread quite carefully. The date information we have from the various collections is highly variable. Some collections have no dates at all, and so searching or sorting by date could effectively exclude these from the results set. In other cases, dates have variable meanings; for example, newsfilm about an event might be described by the date of the event, or by the date of the broadcast which may be the next day or (in the case of a documentary, say) up to years later.

    We hope this information is useful.

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