Retirement of Jisc MediaHub FAQ


Following the announcement of the retiral of Jisc MediaHub, we will be using this page to capture your frequently asked questions.

1. Q) When will the Jisc MediaHub service be retired?

A) Jisc will be retiring the Jisc MediaHub service from the end of the current academic year,  in July 2016.

2. Q) Will I notice any changes to Jisc MediaHub before it is retired?

A) No, the Jisc MediaHub service will continue as normal until 31st July 2016.

3. Q) What happens to content I am already using in my teaching and learning materials?

A) Under the terms of the current licence, any authorised users at subscribing institutions who have downloaded films, images or audio from the collections, may continue to use them for teaching, learning and research as long as no further copies are created. In addition, if any teaching or learning materials have been created using parts of the collections, they can be deposited into your VLE. For more information see the Jisc MediaHub Sub Licence.

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