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We are pleased to be able to offer some preview screenshots of the new JISC MediaHub interface which is due to go into service on Friday April 5th. We have made a series of changes in line with the Roadmap of forthcoming features. The main new areas are:

  • Simpler classification of collection types
  • Advanced Search: time/date, people/organisations
  • My MediaHub: bookmarking and tagging, commenting.

We have taken the opportunity to update the homepage by enlarging the showcase panel which now includes both content highlights and interface features. It is dynamic and refreshes during a user session as well as being regularly updated with new images.

Screenshot of our new homepage.

Screenshot of our new homepage.

We have also added a social media panel to highlight tweets and blogposts we have written about the service.

The links which appeared on the right hand side of the page are now all available elsewhere, either as links in the menu bar (Explore, My MediaHub) or under other headings (Most Popular under Explore; Useful links now under Help).

Simpler classification of collection types

There are now four Access icons describing content from the different collections.

Items covered by the JISC eCollections licence.
You can view and download the video, image or audio if your college or university subscribes to the JISC eCollections service.

Items requiring a login
These resources have restricted access. Some information will be freely available, but a log in may be required to access and download the video, image, or audio files.

Items held at JISC MediaHub
These resources are held at JISC MediaHub. You can view and download these resources directly from the website provided you have logged in (if required).

Items held on other websites
These resources are held on external websites. You can search for these and access some information within JISC MediaHub, but to view or download the resource you must follow a link to another web site. You may or may not be required to login.

Many resources will be labelled with more than one icon. In the image below, for example, we have a video with 3 icons at the top right; it is covered by the JISC eCollections licence, you have to login for access, and it is held at JISC MediaHub.

Full record with new icons

Full record with new icons

We have also added accompanying icons for the various Explore options:

explore icons

Advanced Search: date, duration, people/organisations

The new advanced search page is accessible either as an Explore option or via the More options link in the Search area at the top of most pages.

The additional options are to search by people/organisations (where records contain such information), duration (of video clip) and by date range.

Bookmarking and Tagging

Bookmark adds a record to My MediaHub permanently. You must be logged in with your college or university login to use the facility and Bookmarks will remain available as long as your login is active. The Bookmark option is available on the full record screen e.g. by clicking on the star under the image, as shown in the image below:

bookmark links screenshot

bookmark links screenshot

As part of the bookmarking process users are able to add tags. This makes it easier to find bookmarks later, in My MediaHub. You can click on any of the suggested tags to add them, or add your own tags. There is also a Private box if you do not wish your bookmarks to appear on any public lists.


You can now view comments and add your own via the full record page. You must be logged in with your individual login to add or edit comments. The process is simply to Click the Comments tab under the large image. Click Add comment, as shown in the image below.

comments page screenshot

comments page screenshot

Comments can be marked private via a check box. You can view and delete comments that you have added via the My MediaHub comments screen.

We have updated the various help & support guides and these will be available as part of the new release. These fully document all aspects of the new interface, including more detail on the features shown above. We look forward to receiving feedback from users once it is live.

New collection: Bioscience ImageBank

Bioscience ImageBank is an online collection of over 6,000 bioscience images which are freely available and licensed for use in learning and teaching. The content of ImageBank covers a wide range of subjects from Agriculture to Zoology and includes images from all the major taxonomic groups. Many images are accompanied by a short description and the species name and common name where appropriate, and all images and accompanying information have been checked for accuracy by those with substantial knowledge of the subject matter, which gives ImageBank a considerable advantage over other online collections.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
Bioscience ImageBank


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